When attempting to open the Advanced Search Dialog to create a Search or Item level filter action it doesn't open. There are 2 possible causes for this occurring;


The DigiScope .DAT files may be corrupted

RESOLUTION: Rename the DigiScope DATA Folder

1. Close DigiScope
2. Navigate to the DigiScope installation folder
  • For a 64BIT OS the path will be Program Files (x86)\Lucid8\DigiScope
  • For a 32BIT OS the path will be Program Files\Lucid8\DigiScope

3. Rename the DATA folder to OLD_DATA

The Data files contain information about the Offline and Production Sources as well as any options previously configured therefore you will need to add/reconfigure all items again.

  • 4. Open DigiScope
  • 5. Try the action again

    If this resolves the issue then add in the desired Offline and Production databases and configure the options according to your needs

    CAUSE # 2

    The DigiScope installation may be corrupt

    Uninstall and Install DigiScope

    SUPPORT: If you experience issues, have questions or need assistance after following these instructions please Open a New Support Ticket or if you already have a ticket open reply with details and we will be happy to assist.