Occasionally we will offer limited time Exchange server software discounts/flash sales etc, however;

  • Discounts are built into the DigiScope mutli-store packs, i.e. volume pricing
  • You can also mix and match license packs, i.e. if you need to license 3 stores you can purchase a 1 and 2 store license pack, although keep in mind that at times it can be more advantageous to purchase more then you need since sometimes combining license packs to meet your exact needs can be more expensive then purchasing the next level license pack. 
  • Click here for additional pricing information on Project Based, Perpetual and Universal licensing

NOTE: Local, state and federal government agencies, Academic facilities, State-accredited schools, Universities, and other Non-Profit entities are provided a 10% software discount on Perpetual and Universal Licenses with a term of 1 year or more when purchased directly from Lucid8.


NOTE: Project Based Licenses are not discounted to any entity.