By default, when Mounting an Offline Exchange EDB or connecting to a (Production) database DigiScope displays ALL mailboxes contained within. However, there are times when its useful to filter mailboxes within a database so that you can then take bulk actions such as searching, exporting and restoring/migrating at the database or container level.  For example; when you right click on an Exchange mailbox database and select Mount (for offline DB's) or Connect (for Production DB's) all mailboxes are displayed as shown below. 

Once an Exchange mailbox database mounted/connected the operator simply right-clicks on the desired object (Container, Database, Mailbox, Folder, Item) and selects an action such as Find, Restore, Export etc., and DigiScope performs the action against the designated object.  For example;;

  • Right-clicking on a mailbox and selecting an action will only execute that action against that mailbox
  • Right-clicking on a database and selecting an action will execute that action against ALL mailboxes within that database
  • Right-clicking on a container that holds multiple databases and selecting an action will execute that action against ALL databases within that container

If you only want to take action against some of the the mailboxes within a database you could of course do one mailbox at a time, however that's not efficient. To streamline the process at the time of mounting/connecting to the database simply;

  • For Offline Sources select "Filtered Mailbox Mount"

  • For production Sources select "Filtered Mailbox Connect"

  • The Filtered Mailbox Mount dialog appears (show below) allowing the operator to select the desired mailboxes and use the arrow buttons to move them into the list on the right

TIP: If the database is already mounted/connected and you want to filter the mailboxes just right-click on the DB and select "Change Mailbox Set"

NOTE: For detailed information about the options within the Filtered Mailbox Mount dialog please refer to the Filtered Mailbox section of our documentation

Once the Filtered Mailbox List contains the mailboxes you wish to have displayed, click the OK button to continue and

only  the mailboxes defined within the filter are displayed as shown below.

At this point you can right-click on the database, select the desired action and ONLY the mailboxes shown will be acted upon.

SUPPORT: If you experience issues, have questions or need assistance after following these instructions please Open a New Support Ticket or if you already have a ticket open reply with details and we will be happy to assist.