This really depends upon the DigiScope license type purchased, that said:

  • All licensing "Start-Dates" begin at the date of purchase

  • Project Based & Universal Licenses have "End-Dates or Term-Limits" and once reached the license expires and may not be used
    • You may apply some or all of any unallocated licenses at any time before the license expires

  • Perpetual Licenses do not expire, however the "Maintenance Start-Date" begins at the date of purchase and ends at the term purchased
    • All unallocated Perpetual Licenses that have not expired or have an active and paid up maintenance plan may be utilized/allocated for use at any time for Offline or Production Stores/Databases. The only stipulations is that all unallocated licenses may not be sold or transferred for use to another company or organization
    • If maintenance expires and you have unallocated Perpetual Licenses you must renew maintenance in order to use the unallocated licenses