We realize how important the Exchange Server is to your organization and know what it takes to keep Exchange running in peak operating condition. Over the years Lucid8 has undertaken a large number of Exchange server maintenance, implementations, repair and disaster recovery projects for small, medium and very large organizations (100,000 users and more).

We frequently encountered scenarios like slow server performance, in-explainable errors, or complete database failures when working closely with our clients. Many times the internal IT staff did not have the time to develop and maintain the in-depth skills and knowledge necessary to keep the firms Microsoft Exchange Servers in optimum operating condition; therefore they would turn to our consulting staff in order to resolve the issues at hand. We also realized that while our clients desired to keep their Exchange Servers up and running in optimum condition they also were now faced with additional challenges:

  • The maintenance of Exchange Server was a complex and time-consuming process that should take place every four to six weeks depending on the organization's size.
  • The process required a Lucid8 consultant, or one of the client's technical people trained by Lucid8 to run the process, each of which had the potential of introducing possible errors and or inconsistency in the process.
  • Ongoing manual maintenance was very costly and time consuming event that could only be undertaken by a very small, yet highly skilled and experienced group of Exchange experts.

To meet these challenges GOexchange was created in 1998. Since that time development of the preventive maintenance software has continued to advance and evolve to keep up with emerging Exchange technologies, Best Practices and client requested enhancements.