Exchange's online maintenance feature performs background database housekeeping chores that are vital to the smooth and efficient operation of the Information Store. However while the online maintenance process is vital, it's also incomplete and in reality just a precursor to other preventative maintenance procedures that still must be addressed.

Systems that are well managed and properly maintained experience fewer problems. E-mail is way too important just to ignore database issues that affect the stability and effectiveness of Exchange, therefore the situation is simple: Either you think the Exchange databases are important and take every step to protect and maintain them, or you don't. GOexchange is an expert preventative maintenance tool for Exchange databases that picks up where the built-in Exchange maintenance process leaves off. The GOexchange maintenance process automatically performs the following;

  • Starts all scheduled maintenance processes.
  • Notifies the specified users of the impending maintenance process.
  • Notifies Administrators of the start and stop as well as any problems encountered during the process.
  • Runs a pre-maintenance resource check.
  • Records the state of all services i.e. Running, Stopped, Disabled, etc.
  • Stops any services required for maintenance.
  • Dismounts the Information Store and commits all outstanding logs.
  • Checks to ensure the Information store is consistent.
  • Analyzes and corrects any errors and/or, warnings and other issues found in the specified Information Stores.
  • Defragments and rebuilds the Information Store to completely clean out deleted items and white space. The end result is a smaller, optimized database.
  • Defragments and rebuilding the Information Store database actually uncovers additional errors, warnings and other issues within the database. Therefore once this process is complete an additional analysis and correction process is run.
  • Remounts all maintained Information Stores.
  • Returns all Services to the pre-maintenance state.
  • The entire process and results are documented via automatic generation of Summary and Detailed Reporting for every job.