Using Microsoft Exchange tools, it is possible to create a manual Exchange Server maintenance process yourself, however, keep in mind that this requires in-depth study of the MS tools and exhaustive testing. More importantly, when manually executed the maintenance process is often incomplete and/or executed improperly which can cause data destruction with devastating results that cuts across the entire organization. To create a manual process you would need to do the following;

  • Your E-mail system is too important to run an untested process on therefore a test system will need to be created.
  • Invest a great deal of time to study the tools, their parameters, appropriate times of use, result codes and net effect.
  • Create a process based on your research and test it thoroughly, with all types of scenarios, including the ones you've never thought of to ensure there are no major issues before utilizing the process on your live server.
  • Once the process is complete then you MUST monitor and/or baby-sit the Exchange Server every time maintenance is run. This is almost always after hours and/or while everyone else is home asleep or having a personal life. You also have to interpret the results of each step, document the results and then take the appropriate next step along the way.
  • Every time a new patch is released and or you update to a new version of Exchange you must re-visit your process to ensure its still in compliance and without error.
  • REMEMBER: If the process is executed improperly it can cause data destruction with devastating results that will effect the entire organization.

Or you could Relax, Save time and Reduce your stress by implementing GOexchange preventive maintenance software to capitalize on the built in expert knowledge and processes for consistent, flawless maintenance. Exchange Information Stores are complex databases that needs care to achieve their full potential. Maintain these databases carefully, and you'll be well on your way to getting the most from Exchange messaging for your organization.