No. The built in Windows defragmenter, Diskeeper and other third party disk defragmentation utilities accomplish totally different results then those achieved by GOexchange EDB repair.

First, it's important to understand that GOexchange is much more than a defragmentation tool. GOexchange works with expert knowledge and consistency at the database level. GOexchange EDB repair can repair errors and warnings, fix minor inconsistencies, consolidate white space, rebuild the database itself, and ensure that group collaboration objects like mail, tasks, calendar and other items are optimized and in-tact.

Disk based defragmentation tools focus on ensuring files are laid out across a disk in a contiguous fashion. Doing so speeds up the operation of products because the files can be accessed in a more efficient manner. In addition disk based defragmentation shouldn't be necessary on the drives containing the *.EDB  files because Microsoft extends the Exchange databases in various sized chunks, therefore the Exchange databases are usually not fragmented enough to warrant a defragmentation of the file system itself. You can certainly run a disk defragmentation if you like, but you typically don't see a performance gain due to using the built in and or third party disk based defragmentation tools.