GOexchange® is licensed on a per server basis and there are two types of GOexchange Microsoft Exchange software licenses as described below:

Unlimited Maintenance License:

The Unlimited Maintenance license imposes no limit on the number of possible maintenance runs.

Single Shot Maintenance License:
A Single Shot Maintenance (SSM) License lets you sample the power of GOexchange for a "Single Maintenance" at a substantially reduced rate and works for a specified number of maintenance jobs depending upon the number of shots purchased.

For example: If you purchase a Single Shot Maintenance License with three runs/shots, then you can run any of the GOexchange® maintenance scripts on your Exchange Server three times before GOexchange® reverts back to DEMO mode.

 If you upgrade to the "Full/Unlimited Maintenance" License from a SSM License for the same server within 45 days of the original SSM purchase date you will receive full credit for the Single Shot purchase price.