We know word of mouth is the best way for others to hear about our services, and we want you to be so satisfied that you tell everyone you know about your amazing experience. Depending on your situation, Lucid8 Professional Services may occur via remote screen share or within our labs.  While every project and the time it takes to complete is unique the following should be considered:

  • For projects that require additional services time to meet the deliverable, client may choose to purchase additional hours of services needed to complete the project OR to stop all work.
  • Final deliverables will be in PST format downloadable from a client-specific secure FTP account.  
  • Alternatively the data can be loaded onto an external hard drive and shipped overnight Lucid8.

NOTE: If professional services purchased are not used we will gladly issue a customer credit for purchase of another Lucid8 product or service in the future. 

WARNING: Running Outlook and DigiScope simultaneously may cause connectivity issues.