That depends upon the type of DigiScope software license purchased.


If you purchased a Project Based or Perpetual License, after requesting the initial license you can download/get the DigiScope license onto as many DigiScope enable machines as desired by following the GET Previously Generated or Updated Maintenance Licenses step-by-step instructions.

NOTE: If you want to use DigiScope on multiple machines for a recovery, export, or search action, please keep in mind;

  • Each DigiScope enabled machine must have its own physical copy of any offline EDB being accessed , i.e. 
    • You cannot have two machines mount the same physical copy of an offline EDB. 
    • That said you can have multiple machines Connect to the same Production Exchange Server.
  • DigiScope software is multi-threaded therefore you should also review the Database Performance Options since adding more threads will allow the DigiScope enabled machine to act upon more mailboxes simultaneously and its very likely that a single instance of DigiScope with the appropriate # of threads could meet/exceed your needs.


If you purchased a Universal License you can only use the license on one machine at a time. That said if you want to move the DigiScope software license to a new machine follow the step-by-step instructions to Revoke/Transfer the Universal License.

SUPPORT: If you experience issues, have questions or need assistance after following reviewing this article please Open a New Support Ticket or if you already have a ticket open reply with details and we will be happy to assist. To find out more about our licensing options, please visit our Exchange server management software pricing page.