The Tree\Folder filters allow the operator to choose which Mailboxes and/or Folders within Mailboxes or Public Folders will be displayed and acted upon during search, restore and export actions. Once a filter is created it can be saved and then applied or removed when needed. Below is an example of creating a simple filter.

NOTE: While you can filter/hide Mailboxes using the Tree filter, the "Filtered Mailbox" (Mount/Connect) method is more efficient

  • From the Offline or Production pane select the Tree Filter drop down and select <New Filter...>

  • The Tree\Folder Filter dialog appears

The first thing you need to determine is if you want to make an "Inclusion" or an "Exclusion" filter

INCLUSION FILTERS: Display ONLY the Mailboxes and/or Folders listed within the "Inclusion Rules" and filter out everything else

EXCLUSION FILTERS: Display everything EXCEPT for the Mailboxes and/or Folders listed within the "Exclusion Rules"

For this example we will create an Exclusion filter to hide the Calendars folder from all mailboxes.

  • Select "Exclude Only These Mailboxes\Folders"
  • Enter the word Calendar in the first line of the Exclusion rules
  • Click the "And Children" option to exclude all sub-folders
  • Click the "is RegEx" and you will notice that an ellipse button appears
  • Your entry should not look like the image below

  • Click the ellipse button  and the RegEx Expression Builder opens and by default the entry is selected

  • Click Anchors>Whole Word and it should look like the example below

  • Click OK and your returned to the Tree\Folder Filter dialog

  • Click the Save drop down and select the "Save As" option and the filter name dialog appears 

  • Enter a meaningful name and click OK to save
  • Click OK to close the Mailbox\Folder filter dialog
  • The filter will be applied and you will notice that
    • The Calendar folders are now hidden from all mailboxes
    • The applied filter is now shown in the Mailbox\Folder drop-down
    • The background of the area the filter is applied has changed to an off-white/yellowish color which is a visual indicator that a filter is applied

    • As this point you can take action, i.e. Export, Recover, Search the sources within the Exchange Server Database or Offline EDB and the Calendar folders will be excluded from that action
    • To remove the filter simply select the <Show All> option from the Mailbox\Folder filter drop-down
    • The filter is removed and now the Calendar folders are no longer hidden

SUPPORT: If you experience issues, have questions or need assistance after following these instructions please Open a New Support Ticket or if you already have a ticket open reply with details and we will be happy to assist.